Cheap and quality Ugly Christmas sweater for women – Under $20


Choose your favourite colour and sizes that fit all types and budgets

Love Christmas? It is the time of year for Christmas music, gifts, holiday cheers with friends and family and most importantly ugly Christmas sweaters. Unless you are under a cave or away of united states, you never missed out the trending ugly Christmas sweaters and celebrations in every corner of the state now days. Getting decked out in the tackiest, most ridiculous Christmas sweater has become one of the highlights of this holiday season. Don’t break the bank on this hilarious ensemble.

Finding the best and cheap ugly Christmas sweater online is very easy with You can find the quality products under $30 or even under $20. Buy now for lesser price and enjoy the Christmas season on a budget in style, cheap and ugly sweater style. Choose your favourite colour and sizes that fit all types and budgets.

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Shop these bright clothes for women – Starting from $49

Maggy London Women's Side Stem Flower Print Jersey Sheath

This is a visually pleasing bodycon dress with a combination half split print. The floral pattern in bright hues on one-half is enticing and then there’s black on the other half that keeps the dress subtle.1

Floral prints render a vibrant appeal to any given outfit and that’s truly evident in this particular dress. The fabric is skin hugging but the colors of the dress and its half-split pattern give the wearer an appearance of toned and slimmer body and hey, who doesn’t want that? This dress is a pleasing break from the usual monotone bodycon dresses and gives you a breath of vibrant, bright fashion.
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Fit and Trim Rowley – Why Cynthia Rowley women’s floral-lace dress good for your fit?

“This dress is a commendable pick because of the tastefully done design and flattering silhouette that it renders”

I was planning for our family big day, where I would go ahead and buy a fit cloth for a long-standing niece. I wanted to plan everything from the venue to gifts, flowers to a ring and even her dress for this occasion. I wanted to keep everything a surprise. After a week’s hustle of finding the right dress, I scored this one. A Cynthia Rowley women’s floral lace fit and trimmed collection from Amazon. I packed this up and left for her as one of the pre-date gifts.
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Tight and bright outfits for women – Shop these dresses starting from $79


Your outfits have the power to turn around the mood!

Bright outfits are in vogue both in summer and fall season. Paying your loyalties to blue, white, purple is a safe move but opting for brights is what takes your fashion game a notch higher. Your outfits have the power to turn around the mood for you and the people around you. It is not deniable that a sassy bright outfit peps up the environment instantly!

We have thus curated a list of choices bright outfits that would best suit the fashionista in you and would never let any of your days get gloomy.
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Coolest Bomber jacket that’d make the perfect gift for biker women

My girlfriend has a thing for bomber jackets and come fall, she strives to own the best collection of Bomber jackets in her closet. This time, I thought, I would gift her the first jacket from the brand ZANZEA – Women Fall Short Biker Bomber Jacket Classic Quilted Coat Outdoor for this season and watch her slay in it.

First impression and fit:

I bought size 6 for her, as she wanted to have a comfortable, loose fit in her jackets always.

zanzea cooler bomber jacket fashionlites

The ZANZEA Women Fall Short Biker Bomber Jacket Classic Quilted Coat Outdoor package arrived on time and I placed it on her bed, one day before she was about to get dressed. The moment she unpacked, she was thrilled to see this jacket in one of her favourite colours, black.

She tried it on real soon and the fit was perfect for her. It was neither too loose nor absolutely fitted. Since she has long hands, this size could fit her so well. Had it been a size smaller, she would have had to pull the sleeves every time. [Read more…]

BCBGMax Azria Women’s Amanda Draped Halter Dress with Slit – Review

I was on a lookout for an easy going yet striking dress for my girlfriend for her semi-formal occasions and I bought this dress with the same intention. When I received the product in 3 days (which was a quick delivery service by the way) I was amazed with the quality of the fabric.

It is made of polyester, a fabric which is free flowing, has a soft texture and looks appealing on the body. Also, since this fabric doesn’t stretch much, it retains its appearance for a long time period. The inner lining is also made of polyester and feels aptly comfortable. [Read more…]

Womens styled outfits, fashion trends – Where to shop and What to shop?

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent

Dressing is an art. Each one of us carries this art with a touch of our own specific personality traits.
While styling remains to be subjective and plays a major role in bringing out the best looks, picking up the suitable pieces matching one’s specifications is what makes all the difference.
Unusual shopping sessions only fill your wardrobe with innumerable pieces, yet does not bring out the best in you.

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Why Hatters Love 30 Most enviable online stores to shop your blues away

There have been times when all of us have shunned our worries away the retail therapy way!
Unlike boyfriends and other stuff, shopping never fails to kindle our hearts. So, what if you cannot hit the streets right now? There are a plethora of online shopping stores that would satiate your fashion cravings just as much!

Not sure which one to score at first? We’re here to rescue you!
I’ve curated a list of stores that would bring you to drool across the screen and would potentially turn you into a shopaholic! Get your credit cards to heavy duty work now!

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