Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Vs Coleman Bestway Saluspa: SaluSpa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Review

If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub, the Coleman SaluSpa (formerly known as the Lay-Z-Spa) is a great option.

It’s one of the most popular models on the market and is highly rated by Amazon customers.

Here, we’ll reveal why it’s so great and find out what features make it stand out, as well as its advantages and disadvantages based on user experience.

We’ll also look into how it works, how it cleans and retains heat, and provide solutions to some of the most common problems.

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Review
Item Weight76.47 Pounds
Product Dimensions71″L x 71″W x 28″H
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride

Detailed Review of SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub is one of the best inflatable hot water tubs which provide you the fantastic experience. This pro inflatable hot tub is introduced with eight adjustable hydro jets whose powerful nozzles help in quick filling and emptying of the bath tub. It also includes soothing bubble jets and a relaxing massage jet which gives you relieve the muscle stress and make you feel calm. This Jacuzzi is made for sitting on six average sized people comfortably.

The hot water tub includes a digital control panel at the top for adjusting various functions. The spa is made in such a way that it should be easily used for indoors as well as outdoors. It is very easy to install and hence can be easily installed by you without needing the help of professionals. The SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJEt Pro Inflatable Hot Tub is easy to carry as it is light in weight and hence, therefore, you can easily take it with you wherever you want.

This spa can be easily inflatable with the help of a spa pump and hence ready for use. This portable spa includes Lay-Z-Massage system which offers you body massage to your different body muscles. The massage reduces the stress of various muscles of your body and helps in relieving pain, and it also makes you feel relaxed and calm from the long tiring, hectic day. It also includes water filtration system and built-in salt water system which enhances its features.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Features:

The SaluSpa includes amazing features which help in enhancing your experience with it. The main characters of the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub are: –

  • SaluSpa includes HydroJet Nozzles which provides you an excellent flow of water to the hot water tub which ultimately gives you soothing and refreshing experience with it. There are total eight adjustable hydroJet adjustable nozzles through which you can easily control the flow and makes your skin feel calm and fresh every time.
  • This spa also includes water filtration cycle which helps in cleaning up of water with excellent efficiency and hence offers you pure water every time.
  • SaluSpa also includes Saltwater Filtration System for treating water before being supplied to the spa. This system adds some chemicals to the water of the hot tub which makes the water in it clean and clear. It also adds fragrance in the water which forces you to spend more time in it and to feel better ad relaxed.
  • The Digital Control Panel of the SaluSpa is integrated on the top of the spa. It allows you to control the various functioning of the spa such as automatic stop and start timer for monitoring the water heater system which ultimately helps in saving energy and makes it energy efficient. The interface of the SaluSpa is also very user-friendly which make it easy to use and install. You can quickly start up or stop the water heater with one touch so that to enjoy the comfortable and relaxed experience.
  • SaluSpa Hawaii HrdroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub comes up with a durable cover which can’t be easily punctured. This leather cover is made up of the TriTech 3 Ply reinforcement material which embedded polyester mesh core inside it. SaluSpa is also constructed in such a way that it can prevent scratches also and makes it resistant for the outdoor usage.
  • The unique leather covering of the SlauSpa includes double safety lock clips and inbuilt air chambers which provide insulation to the spa.
  • SaluSpa also includes a pressure gauge, filter cartridge, and chemical filters which add more to its features and provides you a fantastic and refreshing water hot water tub each time.
  • It also includes massage jets which provide you massage to the different parts of your body and helps in reducing muscle stress and makes you feel refreshing.
  • The SaluSpa comes up with the floor cushioning which offers you a great comfort and stability during spa.
  • SaluSpa is portable in nature and can also be easily inflatable with the help of a spa pump.

This portable spa is very affordable in price. It includes a rapid heating system which can heat water up to 104 F and built-in hard water treatment system which provides you a soothing experience. The spa is constructed in such a way that it consumes little energy. It can operate will o n 120V of power which makes it energy efficient. The hot tub also includes cushioned floor and two ergonomic handles that make it more comfortable and convenient to use. This resort includes leathered cover with double safety lock clips for the safety purpose. It also includes in-built air chambers that work for the insulation of the device. The excellent Hydrojet spa makes you fully comfortable and relaxed with its fantastic features which make it one of the best spas in its category. Also, the price of this hot water tub is also according to your pocket so that you don’t need to spend extra money for being relaxed in the spa.


This a fantastic hot water tub which can be easily used as indoors as well as outdoor purposes without acquiring much space. It is very easy to carry and install wherever you want. It can be easily inflated with the help of spa pump. The adjustable hydroJets provides you the best flow of water so that you can enjoy more with the warm water. The leathered cover with the double safety lock clips helps in the protection from the opposable environmental conditions. The cushioned floor works well for enhancing the comfortable level of yours.

It is one of the best hot water tubs in its category which looks for your comfort and enjoyment.

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