Best Gifts

The gifts that will impress your Fashion lover, Editor Pick

Gifting can sometimes be a tedious process. Those of you, who are familiar with the pressure of selecting the right gift for a fashionista, would understand our point quite well.
Come the festive season and you find yourself all confused and muddled up with “what to buy for her?” thoughts.
Understanding a fashion girl’s requirements, as heavy headed a task it is, might take you years. Fret not, we are here to help you decipher the best things to gift to the God’s fashion favorite child.

The same old sticky situation between Clothing or Accessories:
Clothing pieces no matter how good or high end they might be, should become a gifting option only when you know her size and shape too well. Slightest bit of fitting issues can bring the whole game down.
Accessories on the other hand, if chosen apt to her taste, would always bring brownie points to you.
There’s nothing quite comparable to a drool worthy handbag. Figure out how spacious she requires her bag to be and accordingly choose an eye candy sling bag or a ‘go with all’ handbag. You’ll be the star for your fashionista this season, we bet.

‘Victoria’s secret’ voucher/card:
Victoria’s secret raises the eyebrows in ecstasy for every fashionista. Feeling good about her intimate wear is as crucial as putting on a winning outfit on the outside.
Now again to avoid the whole choice conflict, present a gift card to her and let her score her own pieces.

Makeup is equivalent to diamonds for a fashion lover:
Going with her favorite brands or choosing from the ones like MAC or URBAN DECAY would be the best deal. Observe what she likes and pick lipcolors, eye shadow pallette or a complete makeup kit that includes her choicest colors. This would bag you the top spot in her favorite people.

Bring home a piece of her favorite jewellery:
Ain’t no gift as pretty as a jewellery piece. You have to keep her selection in mind as to what she’d prefer, a pendant, bracelet or a ring and pick from the jewellery brand in vogue. The female assistants at the brand store would help ease your choice a bit in terms of suggesting the current trends.

Scarf as a gift and a keepsake:
A scarf is always loved by a fashion freak; there are no two ways about it. If the fashionista in your life is a friend, choosing the right scarf, preferably a cashmere piece, would definitely please her.
Pick from her preferred colors or choose something in the neutrals’ family. Festive season as it is brings in the need for scarves owing to the temperature drop and picking the right one for her would make things merrier.

Buy the ‘dream come true’ kinda gift:
If you are seeking a ‘no budget constraint’ kind of a gift for your lady, just go and buy her those Christian Louboutins she might be glancing on since months. She wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off the footwear or you, for a long long time.
Nothing else can match this up, trust us!


Whatever you chose this festive season, accompany it with a handwritten note to add that personal touch for your very own fashionista. One liner or a heart pouring letter, whatever it might be, it is sure to enhance the value of your gift many folds.