What are the best Treadmills under $1000 for Home Use? – Reviews and Beginners Buying Guide

Today’s modern world life has become so convenient and easy.  Just at the press of a button so many things can be accomplished and many things can be done all at one click. 

This no doubt has made people’s lives easy but at the same time, there are some downsides as well. 

For example, take the case of a TV remote itself.  Earlier, a person had to go up to the TV set in order to change the channels.  After that came the remote which made changing channels easier without getting up from the seat.  All one had to do was use the hands to press the keys on the remote. 

Today even that effort has been reduced.  Now with the latest development in technology the channels can be changed by just using the voice commands.  Yes, all this seems very attractive and convenient. 

However, at the same time, it has been turning people into couch potatoes.  So this raises another important point on how does one get the needed exercise. ?

For solving this situation, again technology has stepped in to help.  By the invention of the treadmill.  Well, what is this treadmill and why has it caught everyone’s attention?

What is this treadmill?

It is a compact exercise machine which has a moving belt on it. This moving belt has the space used for running on it.   

This is ideal either for walking or for running.   Earlier it used to come in the manual model only but now they are highly motorized.  This means that the speed and the incline and other adjustments can be made based on the runner’s preferences.  

So simply put a treadmill is an exercise machine.   It is customized to suit all fitness level requirements.  Also, it is best suited for all sorts of exercise and fitness related purposes and goals.

After spending more than two weeks on research, surveying 600+ friends, spending a week interviewing 32 fitness professionals and crowdsourcing opinions from fitness enthusiasts, we have concluded that few of the below treadmills for home use under $1000 are the best for most people and you too.

Quick Pick,

#1 NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills Reviews
Product GradePerformance
Product Dimensions73.5″D x 36″W x 54″H
Item Weight203 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Maximum Speed10 Miles per Hour
Special FeatureAuto Incline
Target AudienceAdult
  • Unlock your fitness potential with our 30-Day iFIT Membership!
  • Stream live and on-demand workouts with Global Workouts and Studio Classes, while elite trainers adjust your equipment (15 Dollar value).
  • Benefit from a SMART-Response Motor for effective speed, interval, and endurance training and 10% OneTouch incline and 10 MPH SMART OneTouch speed controls.
  • Enjoy the 20” x 55” tread belt for plenty of leg and elbow space as you run, and FlexSelect deck cushioning to protect your joints.
  • The innovative SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist allows for easy, compact storage.
  • Plus, you can plug in your music with the Auxiliary music port and dual 2-inch speakers.
  • This NordicTrac treadmill can handle a 300-pound user capacity and is protected with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty.
  • Dimensions: 54” H x 36” W x 73.5” L. Start your fitness journey today!

#2 XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill Review
BrandXTERRA Fitness
Product Dimensions63.4″D x 28.75″W x 51.4″H
Item Weight97 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Maximum Speed10 Miles per Hour
Special FeatureFoldable
Maximum Horsepower2.25 Horsepower
Assembly RequiredYes
Display TypeLCD
  • This large 16″ x 50″ walking or running surface is perfect for individuals of different sizes and stride lengths.
  • The 5″ LCD display is easily readable, and keeps you up to date on speed, incline, time, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • With 12 preset programs and 3 manual incline settings, you can choose the workout that’s right for you.
  • When not in use, the easy pull knob releases the deck to fold or unfold for convenient storage.

#3 Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Installation-Free with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, APP Control and LED Display, Walking Jogging for Home Office

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Installation-Free with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, APP Control and LED Display, Walking Jogging for Home Office Review
Product Dimensions27″D x 49″W x 42″H
Item Weight69.5 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Maximum Speed7.5 Miles per Hour
Special FeatureFoldable, Compact Design
Maximum Horsepower2.25 Horsepower
Display TypeLED
Power SourceElectric
  • INNOVATIVE 2-IN-1 FOLDING TREADMILL – This Superfit treadmill has two modes to accommodate different sporting requirements. When the riser is folded, it can be used as a jogging machine at a speed of 0.6MPH-2.5MPH
  • and when the handrail is lifted, the running speed is 0.6MPH-7.5MPH.
  • The speed unit can be changed between miles and km in the APP.
  • POWERFUL 2.25HP – Equipped with a silent 2.25HP motor, this Superfit treadmill is perfect for home and office use.
  • Its steel frame and multi-layer shield design makes running quieter, safer and more comfortable.
  • NON-SLIP RUNNING BELT & MULTIFUNCTIONAL LED DISPLAY – The 5-layer anti-skid texture running belt provides a spacious running area (40″ x 16″), offering an effective and secure cushion for your knees and muscles for an enhanced running experience.
  • The LED display reveals time, speed, distance and calories, keeping track of your progress in real-time and displaying your movement data.
  • WITH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, PHONE HOLDER, REMOTE CONTROL & APP CONTROL – Connect the Superfit treadmill to your phone through Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music while exercising.
  • You can also use the phone holder to watch videos or chat with friends. The remote control


Physical activity and exercise can have long-term benefits. Regular physical activities in daily life improves health benefits and also the quality of life. It also reduces the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, strengthens bones, controls weight and feel better. It is believed that a person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent.

Some people prefer to do physical activities or exercise at home. General exercises like walking, jogging, running, jumping, aerobic dancing etc. Some have exercise equipment’s at home, like, Rowing Machines, Stationary bicycle, Elliptical trainers, Ankle weights and Treadmills.

Treadmills are among the most popular pieces of cardio fitness equipment for home use. Many prefer having treadmill at home for daily physical activity since it is available 24/7.

The common excuse most people give for not exercising is that they do not have the required time.

However, all do find time to sit in front of the TV at least for a few minutes in the evening after returning from work.

So a treadmill can be placed in front of the TV and both activities such as watching TV and exercising can be done together. 

The treadmill offers the best convenience to combine it with other activities.

For professional runners too, the treadmill is a good option. For example, take the case of runners who need to increase their speed of running.  For such people, the treadmill offers the best choice because the speed and distance can be controlled and monitored effectively.   

Also, the pace of the runner is maintained in the treadmill. So especially athletes who need to check on matters such as speed, distance, pace, etc. will prefer the treadmill.  This will help them to prepare well for the races.

A most important reason for exercise is Weight loss.  So exercising on the treadmill is the best form of exercise for weight loss.  Because running or steady walking burns calories.   So along with a few changes in diet followed by a regular exercise on the treadmill helps in weight loss.   Especially for beginners who are just starting out the treadmill is an ideal option.

Another benefit is Cross training.  Today there are a variety of exercises for weight loss such as swimming or cycling etc. which are basically outdoor exercises.   So treadmill gives another change in exercise with an indoor option for those who are not interested in running or jogging outdoors.

Exercising on a treadmill also strengthens the muscles.  The incline feature gives the option of toning the leg muscles, calves, and quad and butt muscles as well.  To improve even further, running by holding some weights in the hand will tone the arm muscles at the same time.

Preset workout PROGRAMS

Nowadays treadmills come with a built-in digital monitor.   They have various workout programs.  This means that the speed and incline of the treadmill can be adjusted to make the exercise either simple or tough.  The exercise then becomes interesting as every day you can adjust it to a different setting.  So it is challenging and fun rather than doing the same thing every day.  Also, there is an option to even program your own workout session as per your needs and requirements.

If different members are using one treadmill, there is an option to create multiple users.  This helps in comparing the statistics with others and shows whether you are keeping or falling behind.

Why buy a treadmill?

As per recent reports, a person needs to exercise regularly for at least a few minutes.  In fact, a daily exercise is highly needed.  So most of the urban working population know that daily exercise is good for the body in the long run.  However, getting the exercise done is another problem altogether. Why so? After a hard day’s work going to the gym or even going out for a walk seems to be a big drudgery.   It seems a big challenge just getting out of the home.  In such cases, the treadmill is the best and only alternative.



This type of treadmill is a basic model.  It has a belt and rollers under it.  So here a user has to move the belt using his own effort.  

Since this type of models is considered basic and useless and cheaper components they can be bought at a cheaper price when compared with other models.


This type of treadmill as the name suggests comes with a motor. 

This means that these have a feature that allows to increase or decrease the degree of the incline.  Also, the pace of the running can be preset.


These type of treadmills are usually considered the high end.  They have a system of hydraulic slow drop decks and a locking system which can be easily folded flat and stored safely away until the next use.


These are considered heavy duty machines.  They can withstand constant use.  So they are beneficial for use in gyms etc.   These type of treadmills have a solid and cushioned running area.  They have also added features such an interactive computer which shows the heart rate and other details such as incline degree etc.

A word of caution.  Sometimes while deciding to buy a treadmill, it is so often the case that affordable treadmills are overlooked and a more professional looking treadmills are bought for home use.   So carefully consider the amount of time and use of the treadmill before purchasing the appropriate one. So whatever your preferences are, there are a variety of treadmills to choose from based on your preference for brands, quality, and budget to choose.  So please be clear about what exactly are the exercise needs and also the space constraints and importantly the budget.  If buying online, then it is better to check out the reviews of other users.

Treadmills as a piece of exercise equipment are very simple to use and come in different sizes to suit your needs and most importantly your pocket.  Here are a few benefits of using the treadmill at home:

  1. No need to worry about the outside weather. So the problem of canceling or postponing the jogging session does not arise
  2. No need to worry that a person might trip or fall due to uneven terrain. The treadmill offers an even and smooth surface.
  3. You can track your progress as the machine gives a record of the different statistics such a distance covered, time is taken, speed and even the calories burned. Some machines even show the heart rate.
  4. Anytime you can use the treadmill and also don’t have to worry about your appearance since it is done in the confines of your home
  5. A treadmill also does not take up much space. Nowadays the latest machines have the option of folding up and stored in a cupboard and are also easy to carry so that they can be transported or moved here and there.
  6. It is ideal for weight loss because as per reports running for a few minutes helps in burning maximum calories. So weight loss goals can be reached faster by using a treadmill.
  7. Reports suggest that using a treadmill improves heart health. Because it is a good cardiovascular workout.   It also helps in reducing cholesterol.  So treadmill is a safe and secure option

At the same time, it is appropriate to also point out some disadvantages before considering to buy a treadmill. Because it is always good to weigh out the pros and the cons.

  1. Firstly the price. Treadmills do not come cheap.  The basic cheaper models are available but they may not offer many needed functions
  2. Maintenance costs. It is not much in the initial years but as with any machine, in the long run, it will need to be serviced and maintained which will definitely be at a cost
  3. Space. Space is the most important criteria because a compact treadmill will not offer many conveniences of running when compared to a wider and much longer treadmill.  This might take up a lot of space.
  4. Running outdoors gives a varied option of uneven terrain, changing the weather, etc. Some may find running on a treadmill monotonous and boring after some time.


  1. User weight. This indicates the quality of the frame, belt, and motor. So for example, if the treadmill shows a maximum user weight of 160 kg that means it is a strong treadmill good for regular home use.  For commercial use such as in gyms, a maximum user weight of over 180 kg is recommended.
  2. Shock absorption. It is important to check the treadmills shock absorption. Because efficient shock absorption can reduce body impact by 40 %.  This is needed to reduce injuries caused by running.
  3. Heart rate monitoring programs. Treadmills offer a basic, intermediate and high specification pulse rate monitors.   So care needs to be exercised on which option more suitable is based on the individual needs.
  4. Safety features. Treadmills offer a wide range of safety features such as safety key, handrails, and an automatic slow start.  So before deciding on the type of treadmill to be bought, the safety features present need to be considered first.
  5. Manufacturer Warranty. It is important to check the warranty period, money back guarantees, servicing and replacement terms and conditions

Our Final thoughts

A treadmill is not only a convenient and safe option for exercising it is also very comfortable. A treadmill is the best way of ensuring that a person gets a daily exercise in the suitable confines of a home. So irrespective of the fact that whether you want to lose weight, build muscles or just plain exercise a treadmill is the best piece of exercise workout equipment.  It’s definitely worth the investment.

Meanwhile, the debate is still going on about whether running outside is better than running on a treadmill.  Still, we cannot conclude which is right or wrong.  Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, to conclude a treadmill is easy to use, keeps track of the progress and is very very convenient.  So if you can afford to buy a treadmill don’t delay.  It is undoubtedly the best and smart choice to stay fit and healthy.


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